I put all the games I'm doing on my daily tests at the moment on the Random Name Selector on and then I click the typewriter option 5 times for predictions for future days. I will also use the random selector for BPI accumulation and status positions.

Random Predictions

01/12/2013 prediction

  • Speed Match Overdrive (up) (Personal Best)
  • Route to Sprout (up) (Top 5)
  • Monster Garden (down) (Top 5)
  • Ebb and Flow (down) (Top 5)
  • Face Memory Workout (up) (Completed)

02/12/2013 prediction

  • Lost in Migration (up) (Top 5)
  • Speed Match Overdrive (down) (Top 5)
  • Rhyme Workout (down) (Completed)
  • Raindrops (up) (Top 5)
  • Disconnection (down) (Completed)

03/12/2013 prediction

  • Speed Match Overdrive (down) (Top 5)
  • Birdwatching (up) (Top 5)
  • Observation Tower (up) (Top 5)
  • Penguin Pursuit (down) (Top 5)
  • Familiar Faces (no move) (Completed)

04/12/2013 prediction

  • Face Memory Workout (down) (Completed)
  • Playing Koi (no move) (Top 5)
  • Birdwatching (up) (Top 5)
  • Pinball Recall (no move) (Completed)
  • Color Match (no move) (Top 5)

05/12/2013 prediction

  • Penguin Pursuit (no move) (Top 5)
  • Observation Tower (down) (Completed)
  • Monster Garden (down) (Top 5)
  • Space Junk (down) (Top 5)
  • Brain Shift (up) (Top5)

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